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A small white building in the garden has a porch with 4 lawn chairs with green cushions.
A cast iron garden table holds a cookie and a green mug.
A aptio table with six chairs and a red umbrella site on a flagstone patio looking over a green lawn.
	An iron swing hangs amongst large trees in a green garden.
A table with a green cloth and four chairs set for breakfast with green and white china anda vase of flowers.
A table set with green and white china, silver cutlery and glassware.
A seating area on a second floor landing faces the stairs going upwards.
The second story landing holds an antique davenport and a small seating area near a window.
A game room with a pool table, leather couch and chairs sit near humerous Laurel and Hardy lamps.
A high-top table for two on a private balcony outside of glass doors.
A wicker bench rests on a white porch with wooden railings.
A wrought iron chair with a red and blur Welcome pillow sits next to a brass art piece.
The back of a large white house with a three story porch backed by green lawn trees.
Tag hanging from guestroom door: Reconnect, Relax, Refresh, The Oakwood Inn Okoboji.
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