Breakfast is the best time of day at The Oakwood Inn . . .

Served in a sun-lit dining room with 12-foot ceilings, a romantic fireplace, and spectacular views of the gardens, breakfast is a special affair!

Everything is homemade at The Oakwood Inn! From Bridget’s own crunchy granola – a recipe that landed her a grand champion ribbon at the county fair when she was 9! – to the flaky pie crust recipe used in the quiche – which was found in both Bill and Bridget’s grandmothers’ recipe boxes – there is a story to be told in every bite! Even the raisin bread has a story about Bridget’s great-grandmother making the bread without measuring a single ingredient!

Guests also enjoy the exceptional coffee in the morning, which is The Oakwood Inn’s very own line! It is a special roast provided by Beans Coffee Company, owned by Bridget’s cousin in Minnesota. Extra cups of this blend can be found throughout the day at the coffee station on each floor.

Bill and Bridget always strive to exceed their guests’ expectations. You’ll notice it in every bite of the homemade goodness, the ever-changing breakfast menus each day, and the extensive brunch buffet offered most weekends.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the breakfast recipes have been adapted to meet special dietary needs. Bill and Bridget can accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free, and egg-free requests with a 24-hour notice.

Culinary Enhancements

Breakfast in a Box

The Oakwood Inn provides Breakfast in a Box for those guests looking to start the day early. Corporate guests with morning meetings and travelers who leave at sunrise find this time-saving option convenient and enjoyable. With 24-hour notice, the Innkeepers will have a 3-course breakfast to go ready by the time you need to leave for the day.